April 11, 2018 Chapter Meeting

(Intro) Regaining a Flexible Spine

Feldenkrais® Model protecting the lower back.

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Movement requires an ‘even’ give and take between opposing muscles, the agonists and antagonists. When one set of muscles stays tight, then fluid, easy movement disappears. Efficient functional movement of the spine requires ‘even’ muscular tonus between the flexor and extensor muscles of the torso and an ‘even’ distribution of effort throughout the action. This requires mobilization of the thoracic spine.   Discover how, through ‘learning’ as opposed to ‘fixing’ you can help your clients maintain a more ‘flexible spine’. WE learn about concepts such as the above through a personal, somatic experience.
This Seminar requires you to bring a comfortable blanket/mat to lie on the floor and a towel for your head. For further information visit: http://www.feldenkraisinsarasota.com/touch-to-inform-seminars/
The uniqueness of learning concepts is that it needs to be ‘felt’ so everyone needs to slow down and sense contact of chair or floor and then listen to how they do a movement.

Bonnie Kissam, M.A., LMT

Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Anat Baniel Method for NeuroMovment, LMT Fl Lic #36256
Bonnie has two Master Degrees. One is in Physical Education/Dance (1973) with a second one in Exceptional Student Education (2009). She studied with Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc. during his last years of teaching in 1983 and is an Assistant Trainer. She has studied with Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement for Children with Special Needs in 2009. While maintaining a private practice in Hartford, Connecticut for 20 years, Bonnie was also a practitioner in physical therapy clinics, teacher of Anatomy and Kinesiology for the Dancer at the Hartford Conservatory and facilitator of numerous professional workshops.
Bonnie now resides in Sarasota, FL providing individual lessons for all ages –from children to maturing adults, teaching classes and workshops throughout the area. She developed and has a certificate program in TOUCH TO INFORM, a series of seminars for LMTs and other professionals who would like to have a deeper understanding of The Feldenkrais Method® in order to include concepts as part of their practice. She is the author of The Effortless Swing® approach for optimal golf which uses principles of The Feldenkrais Method® to maximize the ease and performance of golfers.

Chapter Business

Coming soon: Draft minutes of March 2018 meeting.


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